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Windy Castle is the twenty-seventh episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

Synopsis Edit

Peppa and her family go to the Windy Castle, and when they get there, they have a wonderful view from the top.

Plot Edit

The Pig family prepare their car to head over to a Castle known as Windy Castle, which is located on a big hill. Peppa is so sure she will find it boring and isn't very excited until Daddy Pig claims it is a lot of fun, and that they can even see their Grandparents Home from there. Daddy Pig then insists that Mummy drives while he reads the map, and at first Mummy hesitates, but he insists it will be fine. 

On the way there, the family play "I Spy" to pass the time. Daddy Pig sees something red, and Peppa is able to guess that it is their car. She then sees something blue, and she reveals it to be the sky after they give up. Mummy Pig then asks Daddy where they are, and he claims he knows, but he gets them lost. He continues to insist they aren't lost, and when Mummy suggests they call Granny and Grandpa, Daddy Pig refuses, but she doesn't listen. 

She calls Grandpa Pig and he instructs them, knowing that it was Daddy Pig who did the map reading. He tells them to keep going on the main road, and it should be right up ahead. Daddy insists that he knew this, but they only laugh and continue to drive. Soon they make it up the hill and reach their destination.

They head into the castle and run the entire way to the top. They see the view, and Peppa happens to spot Granny and Grandpa's house. She comments on how far it is and they take turns looking through the telescope to see them. They happen to exit from their home, but they are unable to see or hear them due to the distance. They call Granny Pig and Grandpa pig and tell them to look straight and wave, and as they do so, Peppa waves to them in response while everyone laughs. It's bedtime so mummy pig and daddy pig have to take their children to bed.


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  • This episode reveals that if you go to the episode's location, you can see Granny and Grandpa's house.

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