Treasure Hunt is the twenty-fourth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Granny and Grandpa Pig organise a treasure hunt in the garden.

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Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig get the treasure hunt ready; with Granny Pig drawing the map and Grandpa Pig getting the treasure ready. Granny Pig tells him to hurry up, because the Pigs will be here soon, but Grandpa Pig assures her that there's no need to panic. Just then, the Pigs arrive, and Grandpa Pig finishes just in time.

Granny Pig briefly greets Peppa and George before telling them that they've organized a treasure hunt for them. Peppa shows Daddy Pig the map, and he admitted that he can't read it, before Granny Pig points out that he's holding the map upside down. Peppa reads it, and she explains that the cross shows where the treasure is, but she doesn't know where in the garden the two apple trees are. Granny Pig tells her that the first clue is in a bottle. Peppa excitedly spots the bottle and runs to it.

They discover that the bottle has a message in it, but Mummy Pig "can't make it out at all". Grandpa Pig says that the pirate clearly wrote "follow the arrows". This gets Peppa confused, but George finds the next clue - sticks in the shape of an arrow. They happily follow the arrows, but when they reach the end, they realize that there's no more clues. Granny Pig shows them the map again, and Peppa realizes that the treasure is next to two apple trees.

Peppa spots two real apple trees and realized that the treasure must be in the middle. Daddy Pig digs it up and everyone cheers. They look inside and Daddy Pig sees gold coins. He remarks that the golden coins must have cost a fortune, but Grandpa Pig says that they're not gold coins, but chocolate coins, and Granny Pig adds there's a chocolate coin for everybody.


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