The Tooth Fairy is the twenty-second episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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After Peppa loses a baby tooth, she decides to stay up to try to see the tooth fairy.

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The pig family sits down to eat some spaghetti when Peppa's tooth suddenly falls out. She is very surprised, and Mummy Pig tells her to go and look in the mirror to see what happened. She assures her that it's only a milk tooth and it was meant to fall out, so she will gain a new, permanent tooth in it's place. She then begins to tell her the tale of the tooth fairy, who comes in to take the tooth and leave behind a coin instead.

Afterwards, Peppa and George realize how late it is and they brush their teeth before bed. Peppa also makes sure to brush the tooth that fell out, and she makes sure to sit it behind her pillow before they go to sleep. However, Peppa wants to stay awake and see if the tooth fairy shows up.

She stays awake and waits and waits, but so far nothing has come. She finds that George has fallen asleep but she has no intention of going to sleep, although this doesn't last long. As soon as she falls asleep the tooth fairy appears. She makes an attempt to speak to Peppa, but because she is asleep she is quiet in making the switch before leaving.

Mummy Pig wakes up the children and Peppa claims she didn't fall asleep. They ask if the tooth fairy showed up and she claims no, but they tell her to look anyway. So she does, and to her surprise a coin is there.


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  • This is the first and only episode to feature the Tooth Fairy.
  • Peppa's tooth wasn't wiggling but it did fall out for no reason.
  • Peppa brushes her tooth so it will be nice and clean for the tooth fairy.
  • Peppa wants to be a tooth fairy when she grows up.

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