The Sleepy Princess is the thirty-sixth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig. This episode is featured in the dvd Fairy Tale Adventures

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It's bedtime but Peppa isn't at all sleepy, so Daddy Pig tells Peppa and George a story about a pretty princess.

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One late evening, Peppa and George head to bed. After Peppa claims not to be tired she asks Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig to tell them a story. Daddy Pig agrees to tell just one story, but makes them promise first that they will go to sleep right after. With that, Daddy Pig begins to tell the story about a Sleepy Princess.

At first, Peppa assumes it will be boring but they assure her that it isn't. Once upon a time, a little princess lived in a big castle. She loved to admire herself in the mirror all of the time, and she lived with her little brother Prince, Queen Mummy, and King Daddy. They also had a dinosaur who lived outside, which Daddy Pig describes as being quite scary and fearless. But he accidentally scares George and makes him cry, and he quickly makes the dinosaur less ferocious to change the story.

As evening came, everyone was becoming very sleepy. The most sleepy of all had been the princess, and after he spots Peppa half-asleep, he is quick to call her out on it. She claims to be fine, then wakes up George so that he can hear the end of the story. Daddy Pig finishes the story by saying that the Princess had gotten very sleepy because of all the time spent looking in the mirror. So King Daddy tucked her into bed and she fell right to sleep, and so have Peppa and George. With that, Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig leave the room.


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  • This is the eleventh time George cries.
  • This is not actually the first time where the whole episode takes place at night. During some scenes with the castle, it can be seen in daylight. The first actual episode to feature the whole thing at night was "Babysitting."

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