The School Fete is the twentieth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa and the rest of the family attend a fete being held at school.

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At the fete, the Pig family have just arrived. Peppa is very excited and she sees her friends, Suzy, Candy, Pedro, Rebecca, and Danny. Suzy likes the face painting booth, while Pedro likes the balloons, and Danny likes the bouncy castle. Peppa likes everything though, and her friends decide to go and be with their families. Daddy Pig asks George what he likes, and when George answers "dinosaur", they aren't very sure if they have anything like that here. Daddy Pig offers to check the balloons though, while Peppa and George get their face painted.

Everyone looks like a tiger, and Miss Rabbit reveals that she can only paint tiger faces; so after she paints Peppa and George, Candy points out that none of them are acting like a real tiger. She reveals that she knows what a tiger really does because they are big cats. So Peppa asks her to teach them how to be a tiger. She shows how they slowly stalk their prey, then jump, she also shows them how a tiger will clean itself, and how they purr and growl.

George brings up dinosaurs again, so they head over to the Balloon stand to grab all of the children one. Madame Gazelle goes over her balloons and gives Peppa a elephant, Suzy a kangaroo, Danny a lion, Rebecca a monkey, Pedro a parrot; but she doesn't have any dinosaur balloons, which makes George burst into tears. Daddy Pig is inspired though, and he takes two of the longer balloons to form it into a dinosaur balloon. With that, they all run over to the bouncy castle and begin to bounce on it while Peppa declares this to be the best school fete ever.  


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  • This is the ninth time in the series where George cries, but this time his crying was shorter.
  • All the children at the fete were seen face-painted as tigers.
  • Goof: Peppa and her friends had their shoes on while playing on the bouncy castle, but they weren't supposed to.

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