Shopping is the forty-ninth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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The Pig family go shopping at the supermarket to fetch the items they need.

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At the grocery store, the Pig family step inside while going over their list. They need tomato, spaghetti, onions, and some fruit. Peppa tries to be helpful by insisting that she can find all of the items and they decide to go and look for the tomato first. When they find them, they pack four into a bag and place it into the trolley, then Daddy Pig crosses the tomato off of the list. Then they go to search for the Spaghetti and Peppa is quickly able to locate the packs of noodles up ahead, so they grab one and put it with the tomato. 

When asked what is next, Peppa says they need to get Crisps, but Mummy checks over the list and points out that they have a bunch of them at home. So they go to look for the onion and gather up for of them as well. 

All they need now is some fruit, and after George picks up a potted plant, they let him decide what fruit they get to take home. At the fruit isle, he spots a giant watermelon and picks this. Then they head over to the cash register, where Miss Rabbit is going over the items they bought while checking them out. 

After she happens to spot the chocolate cake, Mummy Pig wonders if Peppa or George put it in the trolley. They deny having anything to do with it though, and Daddy Pig reveals he was the one who did it; because it looked very yummy. At first Mummy Pig considers putting it away, but she decides that it wouldn't hurt to pretend it was on the list however, after noticing how delicious it looks. So she quickly writes it down and they start to laugh as the episode ends.


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