Secrets is the thirteenth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Mummy Pig gives Peppa a box to keep secrets inside; which she can't help but rub in George's face until she sees he won't tell her what is in his own box.

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Mummy Pig comes into the room where Peppa is and hands her a very special box. She explains to Peppa that she can keep secret things inside of it, and because it is hers, she can decide what goes in the box. She reminds Peppa not to tell anyone though, so Peppa runs off to the bedroom to go and locate a special, secret item. 

There she tells George about it and has him leave while she looks around. George wants to help her but she refuses to allow him back inside until she finds an item. She then brings the now full box out into the hallway and tells George to guess what it is, although she wont let him look. George guesses a dinosaur, but ends up being wrong. Peppa tells him that a dinosaur would be too big, then goes to tell Daddy Pig about it and asks him to guess.

First he guesses his glasses, but Peppa points out to him that he's wearing them. So then she has him make another guess, so he guesses that she has Mummy Pig's shoes, but he is wrong again. So she goes to tell Mummy Pig, but to her surprise she finds that Mummy has made a box for George too. She is very curious as to what is inside of it, and assumes it to be George's toy dinosaur; but to her surprise it is wrong.  Eventually, Peppa gets upset and changes her mind regarding secrets. So they decide to reveal what their secret item is by taking it out at the same time. George reveals that he has a toy drum inside of his box, and in Peppa's a trumpet. So they begin to play their toy instruments for a few minutes, then look to see if they have anything else in their boxes. 

While George has a custard doughnut inside of his, Peppa does not have anything else. So Mummy Pig reveals that she made some custard donuts for everyone to have and she hands them to them, but before they eat, Daddy Pig has them guess where he will be putting the doughnut, and they take turns guessing. After he reveals the answer to be his tummy, they all agree and begin to chow down. 

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