Picnic is the fifteenth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa and her family go for a picnic. Daddy Pig falls asleep after eating so much, but then gets some exercise being chased by a wasp!

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Daddy Pig brings the picnic basket out to the car while going over everything they plan to bring with them. He sets it into the trunk and they drive off, heading to a hill for their picnic spot. After they get out and unpack, they sit down with their blanket and food as Daddy Pig suggests they run around to get some exercise. Mummy Pig believes that for today, eating and taking a nap would be alright, but Peppa tells Daddy Pig he needs some exercise; due to his big tummy. Daddy Pig decides he will go for a run, even if nobody else does.

After they finish, Daddy Pig is now very sleepy and plans to rest. Mummy Pig teases him as Peppa spots the nearby duck pond and asks if they can give the ducks whatever bread is left. Mummy Pig agrees and Peppa heads down the hill with George. After she gives the ducks all of the bread, Peppa asks if they have anything else, but Mummy Pig assures her that the ducks have had enough food. As they head back to the picnic spot, they notice that the ducks have followed them, so Mummy Pig decides that they can give them whatever is left of the Strawberry Cake after they eat.

Just as they begin to eat it, a wasp approaches and bothers Mummy Pig. She holds still, as suggested by Daddy Pig, but when the wasp turns to him he tries to run away to avoid it. This allows everybody else to sit down and enjoy their own slices of cake, but by now Peppa realizes they do not have anymore left for the ducks.

As Daddy Pig joins them, they spot his slice of cake and stop him from eating it. Peppa reasons that they promised to give the cake to the ducks and she takes it after Daddy Pig hesitantly agrees. Peppa tells the ducks to thank Daddy Pig as Mummy packs everything up. They say farewell to the ducks and take off, where they drive home laughing.


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  • This is the first episode to feature the ducks.

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