Pedro Pony is an supporting character in Peppa Pig. He is the parents of Mummy Pony and Daddy Pony.

Looks Edit

Pedro is a tan pony with cream-colored spots on his head. He has brown lips, a pink nose, and a pair of black glasses. He wears a bright yellow shirt with black shoes.

When he practices ballet, he wears a white shirt, and white shoes.

When he is a clown, he wears a blue shirt, white makeup, and red shoes.

When going to the play, he wears a blue shirt, red suspenders, a brown hat, and green pants.

Personality Edit

A child who is friends with Peppa and the others. He is somewhat smart in his fields of interest - but otherwise appears to be kind of careless and air-headed. He loves to sleep, and often rests or naps whenever he isn't busy. He gets tired fairly often and is usually late for everything. He likes anything to do with cowboys.

Apperances Edit

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He and Molly Mole are the only kids in playgroup who wear glasses.
  • Pedro’s series 3-4 voice actor, Stanley Nickless, also voiced Barnaby Elf from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.


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