New Shoes is the nineteenth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa loses her shoes and gets a new pair of red ones - but she never wants to take them off.

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Coming soon.


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  • This is the first time in the series we see different-colored shoes (not counting boots.)
  • This is also the first episode to feature Miss Rabbit.
  • Peppa breaks the fourth wall at the end of episode.
  • This is the only time where Peppa wears her shoes in bed.
  • Peppa didn't have her shoes on when she entered the house at the beginning of the episode.
  • Peppa does not where her original black shoes in this episode.
  • Peppa does not want her new shoes to get dirty, so she changed into her boots.
  • George wore his boots in the wet grass and the muddy puddle, Peppa wore her boots in the muddy puddle but not in the wet grass.

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