Molly Mole is an supporting to minor character in Peppa Pig. She lives in Rebecca Rabbit's house underneath.

Looks Edit

Molly is a off-gray mole with ears, a dark-off pink cheek with a hot pink-colored mouth, a tail and the same nose as Gerald's. She wears baby blue glasses, a purple dress and black shoes.

Personality Edit


Appearances Edit

Series 5 Edit

  1. "Molly Mole" (debut)
  2. "Father Christmas"
  3. "Police Station" (flashback)
  4. "The Ambulance"
  5. "The Carnival"
  6. "Caves"

Series 6 Edit

  1. The Panda Twins
  2. Chinese New Year

Gallery Edit

Peppa Gallery
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Trivia Edit

  • She and Pedro are two kids with glasses along with Daddy Pig, Mr. Rabbit, Daddy Pony and Dr. Brown Bear.
  • Her voice actress is the daughter of series director Joris van Hulzen.


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