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Mister Skinnylegs is the forty-seventh episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

Synopsis Edit

A frightened Peppa tries to get someone to rid of a spider that George befriended. 

Plot Edit

One day, Peppa and George play together with her doll house. Peppa begins to make a tea party and they start to play, but Peppa scolds George for playing wrong. He doesn't listen to her though, until Peppa tells him he has to help with the tea party and she gives him the tea pot. While he runs to grab some water, she brings the children dolls back to the tea party.

In the bathroom, George is surprised to find a spider in the sink. He wishes to play with it, and be its friend, and since the spider likes him, he decides to bring it with him to the tea party. He puts it to bed, and when Peppa sees it pop out, she starts to scream and runs to Daddy Pig for help.

They head back upstairs and see the spider. Peppa claims it to be really scary, and Daddy attempts to tell her that the spider can't hurt her, however, he will take it away, but he ends up being frightened by its size and goes to get Mummy Pig.

While afraid, Peppa attempts to befriend the spider. Mummy Pig returns and offers to take it, but she is startled by the size. However, at this point, Peppa likes it too and she invites him to her tea party before offering it some cake. She also makes Mummy and Daddy join her and George, and they all enjoy her tea party together, while Daddy Pig remains afraid of Mister Skinnylegs and ends up falling off of his chair, which makes everyone, including Mister Skinnylegs laugh.


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  • This is the fourth episode not written by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. The first three were Best Friend, Bicycles and Secrets.
  • This episode is banned from airing in Australia due to how harmful spiders are.
  • This is also the first episode to be banned.

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