Hide and Seek is the fifth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa and George play hide-and-seek.

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One day Peppa and George are playing hide and seek. It's George's turn to hide, so he quickly finds a spot before Peppa finishes counting, hiding underneath a table nearby. Peppa begins to search for him and is easily able to locate her brother. She explains that he made it too easy, so George makes her hide while he counts with Mummy Pig. Peppa runs up to their bedroom and quickly throws everything out of their toy basket and jumps inside.

George searches the room, checking udner the table a few times. Daddy Pig helps George by telling him to look upstairs in their bedroom, so he runs up there and checks under the bed, then behind the curtains as Peppa teases him by making noise. When he hears her giggling, he is able to find her in the basket.

They run back down to the living room and they tell Daddy Pig to hide. But he suggests that George has another turn, which annoys Peppa. She doesn't think he will hide good, but Daddy convinces her to let him.

At first George tries to hide under the table again, but Daddy whispers to him before Peppa finishes. He hides George as Peppa checks the table, then he tells Peppa to run upstairs and look. She checks the toy basket, but not seeing him she runs back to the living room and admits that she can't find George. It's then Daddy Pig reveals he hid George with the newspaper. Everyone then starts to laugh as the episode ends.


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- Everytime Peppa or George couldn't find anyone hiding under the table, Mummy or Daddy Pig said they could check upstairs.

- On George's 2nd turn, he hid in the same spot he hid from before, but he actually decided to hide in Daddy Pig's newspaper.

- George doesn't fully talk yet, so Mummy Pig counted to 10 for him before finding Peppa.

- When playing hide and seek, George hid in places in the living room.

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