Edmond Elephant is a supporting character in Peppa Pig and the tritartagonist of George Pig. He is the younger brother of Emily Elephant and son of Mummy Elephant and Daddy Elephant.

Appearance Edit

Edmond is grey with pink cheeks and dark pink lips. He wears a dark green shirt and black shoes.

Personality Edit

He shows the personality of a very well-educated toddler who knows just about everything. He is proud of this, but isn't all that arrogant. In fact, Edmond is so intelligent he actually has his own section in the activity parts of the Peppa Pig Magazine. He is like the other toddlers, in that he finds amusement in silly things or cries when unhappy. He has no problems correcting adults, and he has embarrassed or surprised quite a few of them.

Episode Appearances Edit

Series 3 Edit

  1. "Mr. Potato Comes to Town" (first appearance)

To be worked on.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He is a clever clogs as told by the narrator, as seen in a few bunch of episodes.
  • His Crying sound is recycled from Richard Rabbit's crying sounds.


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