Dressing Up is the eighteenth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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Peppa and George pretend to be Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig while playing. 

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One day Peppa and George are playing in their parents bedroom. They bounce on the bed and hop off, opening the box full of old clothing in front of the bed. They start to take out the items, deciding that they should play dress up by pretending to be Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. 

Peppa gives George a big top hat and suit for him, then she pulls on a dress and hat. After commenting on their lack of shoes they run off to fetch some more items before Peppa decides she needs a little bit more. She approaches the makeup box and puts on some powder and lipstick, then gets down before deciding they need to get to work.

They find Mummy Pig in her work room, where Peppa announces who they are. She says that since she is Mummy Pig she came in for work, then she tries to start doing work at Mummy's computer, deleting her work until Peppa sees how bored George is. They say goodbye and take off to find Daddy Pig digging in the garden. He greets them and they introduce themselves again.

Peppa then mentions that Daddy Pig has come to work, so George hops down into the hole to do some digging too. They get distracted by the sounds of their voices and snorts echoing however, until Mummy Pig comes by with some ice cream for them. She tells them that they need to get cleaned first though, and will not give them the ice cream covered in dirty clothing.

Peppa insists they need to stay dressed up though since she is pretending to be Mummy Pig, but she reconsiders after Mummy Pig decides that she will just need to "find George and Peppa to give them their ice cream. The two little piggies take off their dirty clothing and everyone starts to laugh while they eat them.


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  • Daddy Pig would later wear George's clothing in this episode during "My Birthday Party."
  • When Peppa used the computer, she backspaced all of the writing that was on there.
  • Goof: Peppa's makeup disappears when she took off Mummy Pig's outfit.

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