Daddy Loses his Glasses is the ninth episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

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After Daddy Pig's glasses go missing, it's up to Peppa, George, and Mummy Pig to find them for him.

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While the family watch a television program the narrator explains how vital Daddy Pig's glasses are for him, because without them he cannot see very well.

Peppa and George head outside to play ball when suddenly Mummy Pig comes by to ask if they saw Daddy Pig's glasses. He can't find them and he is a bit grumpy because he can't do anything without them. The children head back inside and Daddy Pig questions them to see if they set them somewhere, but everyone claims they haven't. Daddy Pig then recalls how he puts them into his pocket when not using them, but he already checked there.

It's then Peppa asks if they can help him look and they carefully start searching the home, running upstairs to check the restroom and their parents bedroom. Peppa warns George to be careful, but they are unable to find anything.

By now Peppa wants to give up, stating that it's too hard as they return to the sitting room. Daddy Pig decides he will need to learn to do without his glasses and gets up to try to practice walking. But suddenly, Peppa spots the glasses on his seat; he was sitting on them the entire time.

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  • This episode reveals that when Daddy Pig takes off his glasses, his vision becomes blurry.

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