Cleaning the Car is the thirty-third episode of the first series of Peppa Pig.

Synopsis Edit

Daddy Pig is taking everyone for a drive but the car is very muddy. Mummy Pig insists that they clean the car first. Peppa and George help but it turns out to be a very messy job indeed.

Plot Edit

The Pig Family head outside one sunny day to prepare for a road trip. Peppa and George are ready but when Mummy Pig spots how messy the car is, she comments on it. Daddy claims it to be not-so bad, but when Mummy looks inside to find a bunch of garbage, newspapers, and unfinished candies, she insists that they clean the car before leaving.

Peppa asks to help out, along with George, so Daddy Pig goes to get some warm soapy water. He begins washing the roof, while Mummy Pig does the front, and Peppa does the doors. George wants to wash the windows, the last part that is dirty, so Mummy Pig helps him out. He then accidentally drops his sponge and it soaks up all of the mud in the puddle it fell in. He then begins to wash the car with it, which makes it dirty again. 

After Peppa notices this, she accidentally dumps all of the muddy water onto the car, not realizing in time that it was dirty now. She then asks to use the hose after they decided that it would be easier to wash the car. But when Daddy Pig accidentally turns it up to high, they get soaked and wet. But since the car was washed, they go off to get dry while Daddy polishes the car off. 

They return soon enough, dried and ready to go. They comment how pretty the car looks now and prepare to get inside. Mummy decides to do the driving for today, but while on their way she accidentally goes right through a puddle, just after telling the others to keep the car clean.

This embaresses Mummy as the others tease her for it. But in the end, everyone shares a laugh as they continue driving down the road.



  • This is the first episode to feature reflections. The second would later be "Mirrors."

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