Candy Cat is an supporting character in Peppa Pig. She is the daughter of Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat.

Appearance Edit

Candy is a light orange cat with an upside down, pink triangle for a nose. dark pink lips. She has small white whiskers and cheeks that appear slightly darker than her fur. Her shoes are black like the other characters, and she wears a turquoise dress which is vaguely similar to the one Rebecca wears.

When she is practicing ballet, she wears a turquoise leotard, white shoes and a white tutu.

When she is a witch, she wears a black hat, and a black dress.

When she is going to a play, she wears a violet hat and a violet dress.

Personality Edit

Candy is not as vocal as most of the other children, but she appears to be friendly and kind. Like the others she loves to try new things and enjoys all sorts of activities - like playing a sport, having a tea party, or just going out to the beach or to town for some shopping. She is also highly curious. 

She does not seem to like it when others fight or argue and does not seem to be able to take sides most of the time. Candy also seems to be proud of the fact she is a Feline, as she is related to much bigger species, like the tiger. 

Episode Appearances Edit

Series 1 Edit

  1. "The Playgroup" (first appearance)
  2. "New Shoes"
  3. "The School Fete"
  4. "Ballet Lesson"
  5. "Fancy Dress Party"
  6. "The Playground"
  7. "Shopping"
  8. "My Birthday Party"
  9. "School Play"

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Candy is one of the few characters who has shown the ability to growl and purr, which was shown when she taught the others how to act like a "proper tiger".
  • Candy is one of the only friends of Peppa's without their home revealed.
  • Candy isn't a very popular character in the show considering she rarely goes to playdates or sleepovers.


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